The Internet site is your ambassador on the worldwide web. It will fill the role that you delegate to it in a loyal and persistent manner – relentlessly, day and night, and will carry the messages, perform the activities and be prepared for all tasks. Surfers will access your site from around the corner, neighboring cities or distant countries.

In order to construct an Internet site that will perform and meet the objectives that you have defined, it is important to invest a great deal of thought and a high level of professional capabilities.

Whether you wish to establish a brand new site or whether you wish to refresh and redesign the existing one, Atarim Plus provides you with a skilled and experienced staff to perform the task.

The staff of Atarim Plus will accompany the project from the planning stages, through the design, development and establishment of the site, and will even continue to support you after the site is launched, in terms of distribution and site promotion on the net.
The development team is comprised of graduates of Computer Sciences with many years of experience in the development of applications for the Internet environment, using technologies, such as: VB.NET, VB, C#, ASP.NET and ASP. In addition, they are proficient in working with various database applications, including: Access, MS SQL and Mysql.

In order to help you select the site that is most suitable to you, we offer a number of possible packages:

Image Site
Intended for companies seeking a presence on the Internet site. The image site will usually be comprised of number of text pages with information about the company, its managers and services (products). In addition, image sites usually offer a contact page including details for contacting the company and a form that enables the user to directly contact the company through the site.


Image Site with Catalog
Includes all attributes of the image site and, in addition, offers a dynamic catalog that enables the site administrator to independently enter product details and images using a convenient and user friendly administration interface. The product catalog can enable search, filter and sorting options for the products by the surfer.

Content Site with a Series of Articles
Includes all attributes of the image site, but the emphasis, in this case, is on the management of a broad scope of content matter. A site of this type is intended for those who are interested in establishing a portal that is comprised of articles relating to various topics and subtopics. This site utilizes a system of articles that enables the site administrator to manage the site content through a secured administration interface. Every article is comprised of various components: the heading, title, editor and images – using a simple and user friendly text editor.

Virtual Store
For those interested in selling products on the web, Atarim Plus offers the Online Mall system. The Online Mall is a user friendly, innovative and leading sales technology. It enables the administration, presentation and sale of product catalogs in Israel and around the world. The potential buyer can browse, order and pay for products directly via the Internet, 24 hours a day and from any point across the globe.


Development on Demand
Do you have an idea? Do you need your website to do a little more? We will help you specify the systems that you want to integrate in the site by analyzing your business needs and the objectives that you have defined for the site. We will later provide you with our experienced development team, which will accompany you until project completion the launching of the site.
We also offer attractive maintenance packages for sites that require ongoing development and maintenance.


Additional examples of the variety of our projects can be found in the portfolio.
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