ATP hosts Internet sites on Windows 2003 and Linux based servers and around the world.
We combine the strongest and most reliable servers on the market with professional ongoing maintenance. Thus, we guarantee that your site will be available over 99% of the time (5th year in a row!).
The support services are professional, rapid and provided in English, 24 hours a day.

Together, we will design your site, based on the nature of your business, the target market and its marketing needs.
Your site will be constructed at a high level of expertise, using advanced technologies and attractive graphic designs. After launching your site, ATP will continue to provide you with ongoing support, advice and updates – all in order to ensure an up to date site and guarantee the achievement of its objectives.

With the aim of developing the perfect solution and encompassing all Internet or Intranet (internal network) options,ATP offers you additional systems, such as: catalogs, bulletin boards, forums and more. The ATP programming team, specializing in Internet programming, develops comprehensive systems based on customer requirements and in accordance with customer needs.

Every domain on the Internet is unique. Only one company can adopt the domain to its site. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new domains leave the bank of available titles. This fact increases the possibility that the name of your company, or any other name that you select, will be listed by another company or individual.
New At ATP:

CounterBell, quality online support and sales for website.

V.I.Plus, online cutomers newsletter system version 3.0.0 released.

Sale - Purchase a yearly hosting plan and get a domain or the DafKal system for free!

H-Sphere hosting control panel upgraded.
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